as blend component
DIN EN 15376


Test parameter


Ethanol content and higher saturated alcohol content

DIN EN 15721

Content of higher (C3 - C5) monoalcohols

DIN EN 15721

Methanol content

DIN EN 15721

Water content

DIN EN 15489

Total acidity (expressed as acetic acid)

DIN EN 15491

Electrical conductivity

DIN EN 15938


DIN EN 15769

Inorganic chlorine content

DIN EN 15492

Sulfate content

DIN EN 15492

Copper content

DIN EN 15837

Phosphorus content

DIN EN 15837

Non-volatile parts

DIN EN 15691

Sulfur content

DIN EN 15486

Analysis using GC-VUV

With the analysis by GC-VUV (ASTM D8071) another method is available. Additional information can be found in the section "Special analytics" or on request.


Dr. Karolina Kazmierczak

Dr. Karolina Kazmierczak

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