Test Fuels

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Do you need test fluids and test fuels with defined properties for your material and test bench tests?

We produce according to your specifications in the volume range from 1 to 1000 liters.



  • Standard qualities according EN 228 (e.g. E5, E10)
  • Reference-gasoline (e.g. CFR 86.113-04)
  • Ethanol- and methanol ontaining fuels (e.g. E22, E85, E100, M15)
  • Synthetic test fluides (e.g. SAE J1681, ASTM Fuel C, FAM A, FAM B, FAM C)

Diesel fuels

  • Standard qualities according EN 590 (e.g. B7, Arctic-Diesel)
  • Heating oil EL according DIN 51603-1
  • Reference-Diesel fuel (e.g. RF-06-03)
  • Qualitäties with elevated content of bio fuel (e.g. B20, R33)
  • Synthetic test fluides (e.g. ISO Liquid F)

Renewable fuels

  • Fatty acid methyl ester / FAME / Biodiesel according EN 14214 (e.g. RME, SME, PME)
  • paraffinic Diesel fuels basised on hydrogenated plant oils according EN 15940 (e.g. HVO, Arctic-HVO)
  • Fuels made of plant oil according DIN 51623 or DIN 51605 (e.g. Rapsöl, Sojaöl)
  • Synthetic Products like Poly(oxymethylen)dimethylether / POMDME (e.g. OME3-6-Mix)


Ing. Jozef Borovsky

Ing. Jozef Borovsky

Sales Engineer, Testing Fuel Department

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