Test Fuels

... are our drive

Do you need test fluids and test fuels with defined properties for your material and test bench tests?

We produce according to your specifications in the volume range from 1 to 1000 liters.



  • Standard qualities according EN 228 (e.g. E5, E10)
  • Reference-gasoline (e.g. CFR 86.113-04)
  • Ethanol- and methanol ontaining fuels (e.g. E22, E85, E100, M15)
  • Synthetic test fluides (e.g. SAE J1681, ASTM Fuel C, FAM A, FAM B, FAM C)

Diesel fuels

  • Standard qualities according EN 590 (e.g. B7, Arctic-Diesel)
  • Heating oil EL according DIN 51603-1
  • Reference-Diesel fuel (e.g. RF-06-03)
  • Qualitäties with elevated content of bio fuel (e.g. B20, R33)
  • Synthetic test fluides (e.g. ISO Liquid F)

Renewable fuels

  • Fatty acid methyl ester / FAME / Biodiesel according EN 14214 (e.g. RME, SME, PME)
  • paraffinic Diesel fuels basised on hydrogenated plant oils according EN 15940 (e.g. HVO, Arctic-HVO)
  • Fuels made of plant oil according DIN 51623 or DIN 51605 (e.g. Rapsöl, Sojaöl)
  • Synthetic Products like Poly(oxymethylen)dimethylether / POMDME (e.g. OME3-6-Mix)


Christian Schwarz

Christian Schwarz

Deputy Manager Mini Plant Laboratory

Infos & Downloads

Offer overview of our test fluids for Download

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