Biodiesel (FAME)

DIN EN 14214


Test parameter


Ester content

EN 14103

Density at 15 °C

EN ISO 12185

Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C

EN ISO 3104

Flash point

EN ISO 2719

Cetane number

EN 17155

Corrosivity to copper (3 h at 50 °C)

EN ISO 2160

Oxidation stability at 110 °C

EN 14112
EN 15751

Acid number

EN 14104

Iodine number

EN 16300
EN 14111

Linolenic acid methylester content

EN 14103

Polyunsaturated methylester content

EN 15779

Methanol content

EN 14110


EN 14105


EN 14105


EN 14105

Free glycerine

EN 14105

Total glycerine

EN 14105

Water content

EN ISO 12937

Total contamination

EN 12662

Sulfated ash

ISO 3987

Sulfur content

EN ISO 20884 
EN ISO 20846

Content of Alkali Metals (Na+K)

EN 14538

Content of Earthalkali Metals (Ca+Mg)

EN 14538

Phosphorus content

EN 14107
EN 116

Cloud point

EN 23015

Further possible test parameters:

Additional parameter


Refractive index

DIN 51423-2

Fatty acid pattern

DIN EN 14103

Free fatty acids

ISO 660

Peroxide number

EN ISO 3960
ASTM D 3703

Pour point

ISO 3016

Polyethylene content

AOCS Ca 16-75 mod.

Melting point


Steryl Glycosides (SG) and Acylated Steryl Glycosides (ASG)

ASG 1801

Nitrogen content

ASTM D 4629

Insoluble impurities

ISO 663

Unsaponifiable matter

ISO 3596

Saponification value

EN ISO 3657

Analysis using GCxGC

With the analysis by GCxGC (ASG 2253 or ASG 2502) further methods are available. Additional information can be found in the section "Special analytics" or on request.


Dr. Karolina Kazmierczak

Dr. Karolina Kazmierczak

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