Refinery gases

DIN EN 15984

Sampling and transport of the gas samples

For the transport of gas samples, we do offer metal-coated gas bags for sale, but prefer stainless steel pressure vessels to gas bags, as the composition of the gases in gas bags is not stable, especially if hydrogen is contained in larger quantities. Incidentally, gas bags are rejected by most delivery services.

If you do not have your own pressure containers available, containers with 150 ml (max. 200 bar) or 2500 ml (max. 50 bar) can be borrowed from us for a rental and cleaning fee. We can arrange the transport of these empty pressure vessels to the customer, whereas the transport of the filled gas cylinders to us must always be organised by the customer for legal reasons.

Since we cannot work with negative pressure during sample application, it must be ensured that the containers are pressurised to such an extent that at least 100 ml of gas can be extracted under normal conditions, i.e. the cylinder with a volume of 150 ml must have an overpressure of just under 1 bar.

If you do not wish to carry out the sampling yourself, we can offer sampling according to DIN EN ISO 10715 by trained personnel. In this case, the samples can be transported in our special vehicle in compliance with all regulations.

Since the analysis of gas samples from sampling to transport to measurement on the instrument raises some detailed questions, we recommend contacting us when you are planning a gas measurement. In this conversation, all important details such as sample vessels, connections, pressure conditions, duration of transport, etc. can be discussed in detail so that the incoming samples can be measured immediately. An appointment is particularly necessary for gas bags.


Maria Steppich

Maria Steppich

Test parameter


Calorific value

DIN EN 15984

Carbon content

DIN EN 15984


DIN EN 15984

Audit for annual comparative measurement
according to the Monitoring Ordinance

DIN EN 15984

Further possible test parameters:

Additional parameter


Total sulfur content

DIN EN 17178
DIN EN ISO 6326-1

Water content

DIN EN ISO 10101-3


DIN EN ISO 10715

Analysis order

Download your analysis order for refinery gases EN 15984download pdf

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In order to ensure a fast and smooth processing of your order, we kindly ask you to inform our expert Maria Steppich about the samples in advance. Of course, we are also happy to advise you on special questions in the field of gas analysis.


We have been accredited for the analysis of fuels since 1998.

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