Crude glycerol

and technial gycerols


Test parameter


IC: Acetate, Formate, Citrate, Lactate

ASG 1915

Ash content

BS 5711-6


BS 5711-2

Density at 15 °C

DIN EN ISO 12185

Dynamic viscosity at 40 °C

ASTM D 7042

Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C

ASTM D 7042

Glycerol content

BS 5711-1979

Methanol content (GC-Headspace)

ASG 2026

MONG (Matter Organic Non Glycerol)
BS 5711-9

Phosphorus content

DIN 51399-2

Acid number

DIN EN 14104 mod.

Water content

BS 5711-8


Dr. Karolina Kazmierczak

Dr. Karolina Kazmierczak

Analysis order

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