Miniplant LAB

The ASG's miniplant LAB is the link between laboratory, process development and production.

In our miniplant LAB, all relevant operation units (like reactions and distillations) are feasible on a lab scale between 100 milliliters and 20 liters. This includes not only easy batch reactions in stirred tank reactors (e.g. transesterification reactions) but also new and complex operations, which can be mapped through basic operation units (e.g. synthesis and purification of OME).
Our glass and stainless-steel distillation columns cover a wide range of temperatures and pressures. In addition to the classic distillations, reactive distillations and absorptions are possible. We also carry out classic fractional distillations of crude oil. For this purpose, there are one fully automatic and one semi-automatic distillation plant (e.g. according to ASTM D 2892 and ASTM D 5236). Due to the close integration with the analytical options ASG provides, all test results are controlled and documented promptly.

You are warmly invited to participate personally in the experiments!

For a first overview of our plant repertoire, please browse through the following subpages. For detailed questions, please contact the respective contact person!


Dr. Hendrik Stein

Dr. Hendrik Stein

Head of Mini Plant and Testing Fuel Department

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process engineering

process engineering