Crude oil distillation

according to ASTM D 2892


We offer crude oil distillation according to the standard procedure as per ASTM D 2892.

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ASTM D 2892

Distillation according to ASTM D 2892

Standard test method for Distillation of Crude Petroleum (15-theoretical Plate Column)

This distillation includes the following services:

  • Vessel size 10 L (minimum of quantity 6 L)
  • Dehydratisation (if water content exeeds 0,3 %)
  • Debutanization (capturing the C3/C4 hydrocarbons at - 45°C)
  • Distillation in the range of 15 bis 370°C
    (vacuum range of atmospheric pressure down to 2 mm Hg)
  • Collection of factions according to your specifications (max. 20 Cuts)
  • Distillation curve ( % (V/V) and % (m/m) ), quantity recording and density determination
  • Analysis of the cuts according to your specifications
  • Filling, packaging and shipping of the cuts

Info letter on Crude Oil Distillation                                       [ PDF 1.2 MB ]  download pdf


Christian Schwarz

Christian Schwarz

Deputy Manager Mini Plant Laboratory

Data and analyses


Distillations according to ASTM D 2892 and ASTM D 5236

TBP curve

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