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The ASG's pilot plant is the link between laboratory, process development and production.

In our pilot plant, all relevant oleochemical process steps are feasible on a lab scale between 100 milliliters and 20 litres. This begins with the pressing of an oil seed and the extraction of the press cake, continues with the degumming, neutralization, bleaching and deodorization of the oil obtained and ends in the production of fatty acid methyl esters.

Standard batch reactors of various sizes (1 L, 2 L, 10 L, 20 L) are available. The construction of a stirred tank cascade for continuous operation (e.g. of transesterification reactions) is also possible. Peripheral devices such as a large-volume rotary evaporator (20 L) or a temperature-controlled laboratory centrifuge (3 L) complement the laboratory equipment and make it easier to work with larger charges. Remains only the distillation as a final refining step. Oxidation-sensitive substances are processed by means of thin-film evaporators.

We also carry out classic fractional distillations. For this purpose, there are two fully automatic and one semi-automatic distillation plant (e.g. according to ASTM D 2892 and ASTM D 5236). Due to the close integration with the analytical options ASG provides, all test results are controlled and documented promptly.

You are invited to participate personally in the experiments.


Dr. Hendrik Stein

Dr. Hendrik Stein

Head of Mini Plant and Testing Fuel Department

Crude Oil Distillation

Crude oil distillation

We offer the complete crude oil distillation according to the processes ASTM D 2892 and ASTM D 5236.
Details can be found in our Info letter. Click here for download.