Training & Seminars

Training of individuals and small groups of up to approximately ten trainees is offered in our school of technology (Research and Development Centre and laboratory). The contents of our courses range from motor fuel and combustible analytics up to oleo-chemical refinement and synthesis technics.

The transfer of sound theoretical knowledge forms the foundation of our specialized training. We can rely on lecturers who have years of valuable expertise in highly specialized subjects. We are extremely flexible in altering the theoretical content of the training course. This often happens when questions arise from the auditorium, which are then worked into the agenda and often lead to excursions. We do our utmost to individualize our training ass well as ensure its particular importance concerning laboratory practice. Trainees are guided and encouraged along the way to play an active role in trying out numerous methods of analysis and synthesis. This way theoretically learned skills are directly connected with the everyday challenges, which the participants are confronted with at work. 

Might this be something you would be interested in? The only question is: when are you ready to begin?