Manufacture of test equipment

The newly developed Advanced Fuel Ignition Delay Analyzer (AFIDA 2805) makes the fully automatic identification of ignitability of Diesel or Diesel like motor fuels possible.

The AFIDA (Advanced Fuel Ignition Delay Analyzer) enables the fully automated determination of the ignitability of liquid fuels. Under standard conditions (IP 617, EN 17155) the indicated cetane numbers (ICN) of substances can be measured in a wide range from ICN 35 to ICN 85. The measurement result correlates perfectly with the cetane number determined on the test engine according to ISO 5165.

The measuring principle of the indicated cetane number differs fundamentally from that of other constant volume combustion chambers since the indicated cetane number is calculated using a device-specific multi-point calibration curve. Each AFIDA is calibrated with seven primary reference fuel mixtures consisting of n-hexadecane and 1-methylnaphthalene.

In the field of prototype development, the cetane number standard devices are extended by customer-specific requirements. In addition to the software-based activation of combustion chamber parameters, these can also be hardware additions such as sample heating or cooling, the addition of a second combustion gas, an interface to exhaust gas analyzers or the conversion to gasoline operation.

Here you will find further information about the AFIDA in the standard version. For information on special equipment and AFIDA prototypes, please contact us directly by phone or e-mail.