ASG mini plant laboratory

ASG's technical knowhow offers a wide range of experimental opportunities. All relevant oleo-chemical procedural steps can be reproduced under laboratory conditions with benchmarks ranging from 100 milliliters to 20 liters.

Starting with oilseed pressing, proceeding on with oil cake extraction, degumming, neutralizing, bleaching and deodorization of the extracted oil right up to the manufacture of standard fatty acid methyl ester (FAME). Last but not least the last stage of refinement: distillation. Oxidation sensitive substances are processed by means of a thin-film evaporator. However should you be more interested in classical fractionated distillation as a final step, we would be pleased to meet your request here too. We have two fully automatic distillation systems as well as one semi-automatic distillation system e.g. ASTM D 2892 and ASTM D 5236. 

You may choose from various sizes of standard batch reactors (1L, 2L, 10L and 20L). Technically speaking it is feasible to set up a stirred tank for continuous operations (e.g. sequestering reactions) in our plant. Peripheral devices such as a large capacity rotary evaporator (20L) or a temperature regulated centrifuge (3L) complete laboratory facilities and ease working with large volumes. As the ASG analysis section is well integrated into our specialized software, experiment results can be simultaneously checked, edited and reported on creating a reliable database. 

You are very welcome to visit us in our technical centre. You may even avail of the opportunity in taking part in the experiment.