Our GCxGC expert Dr. Jennerwein at PEFTEC in Rotterdam

ASG shares in the third PEFTEC Conference on 22./23.05.2019 in Rotterdam. Our subject is the application of GC-VUV and GCxGC-VUV for the purpose of analyzing gasoline. Main focus is the analysis of diolefins with conjugated double bonds.

Dr. Jennerwein will present applications of the groundbreaking detector technology of Vacuum-Ultraviolett spectroscopy (VUV) for the analysis of common gasoline at the "3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Petroleum, Refining and Environmental Technologies" (PEFTEC) 22nd and 23rd of May 2019. Main focus is the analysis of di-olefins with conjugated double bonds by the application of GCxGC-VUV.


The full presentation will be available at 23rd of May here.