Company profile

Services covering fossil fuels and biogenic fuels

  • Analysis of fuels made from renewable resources (e.g. Biodiesel, Vegetable oil, BTL fuels, HVO)
  • Analysis of fossil fuels (Diesel, Gasoline, GTL/CTL Fuels)
  • Analysis of special fuels (Synfuel, Methanol, Bioethanol, Pyrolysis oils)
  • Analysis and Distillation of Crude Oil
  • Determination of safety-related characteristics of fuels
  • Analysis of petrochemical mixtures
  • Production of test fuels including certificate (1 l drum up to 1000 l IBC)
  • Analysis of crude raw materials and by-products of the biodiesel industry
  • Support in scaling up biodiesel production units

Services concerning recycling materials for thermal combustion

  • Analytics of solid recovered fuels
  • Analysis of wood chips, pellets and briquettes

Services for the chemical industry

  • Determination of physical-chemical parameters
  • Determination of safety relevant parameters
  • Analysis for the assessment of dangerous goods
  • Determination of parameters for REACH registration

Our company history

  • 01/1992  ASG was established at Pöttmes/Echsheim in Bavaria
  • 10/1993  Move to Neusaess / Augsburg
  • 06/1998  Accreditation at DASMIN (German accreditation body for mineral oils)
  • 01/1999  Our affiliated company DWS Dr. Wilharm Synthesetechnik was founded
  • 01/2000  Relocation to larger premises in Augsburg
  • 06/2003  Relocation to our brand new purpose-built laboratory in Neusaess
  • 12/2006  Extension of the building, set up of a mini plant lab
  • 12/2013  Offical opening of the training center and new offices in the second floor
  • 01/2015  Startup of a new storehouse with pilot plant and fuel store